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The cost of dental treatment has always been considerably more expensive in the UK than in Spain. In recent years there has been a leap forward in the technology and expertise in dentistry in Spain, offering some of the best and most advanced dental care available in the world. As one of the leading dental practices, specialising in implants and cosmetic procedures we have state of the art equipment, highly skilled and experienced dentists, and our own milling centre for CAD / CAM (computer-designed teeth created by robotic arms). In fact we have the latest technology all under one roof and you can save up to 50% against UK prices.
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What's Involved

Objective: smiles

Here in Aracena, nestled in the Sierras, you can combine a relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings with first class dental care at around half the cost you would pay in the UK. Just two and a half hours from most UK airports it is only a short flight to your sunshine destination. With flights from many UK airports during the summer months you have a great choice. Seville is a short 45 minute drive on quiet roads and the choice of accommodation in Aracena is superb. Other airports close by include Jerez, Malaga, and Faro.

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  • Aracena

    Where we are

    We are in Aracena, north of the province of Huelva, in the Parque Natural Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche. We have the airports of Malaga, Faro, Jerez and Seville.

  • COO


    It is normal to have doubts when you're talking about your health. You want to find out what can happen in surgery, where you will stay, what places you can visit, what to eat, and all sorts of questions.

  • Church

    Cultural Events

    Throughout the year, Aracena, the heart of the Sierra that bears his name, and the peoples of the region perform cultural events, heritage and public holidays, such as livestock fairs, wine, etc..

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  • Active Tourism
    Sierra eXtreme rather than adventure sports
  • Accommodation
    Sleep in the best hotels and cottages throughout the Sierra
  • Events
    Discover all the parties, activities, fairs. the region


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