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3D X-rays


iCat 500 HD

We have just purchased the latest equipment for High Definition scanning, called the iCat 500 HD. This high definition 3D scanner is the front runner in implantology dentistry and is capable of providing 3D Xrays of your whole jaw in seconds.

The benefits to our clients are huge:

  • there will no longer be a need to have scans done elsewhere;
  • the speed of the scanner means that planning for your treatments can start immediately;
  • the accuracy of the scan results enables fast and exact preparations of dentures, implants, bridges etc;
  • it is invaluable for many dental treatments such as implants, periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, surgical procedures and many more;
  • and we are able to offer its use at highly competitive prices compared to other cities.

We are the first clinic in the Sierras to offer this state of the art technology and it will save time and money to all our clients.


3D Xray

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