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What's Involved?

Step 1

Once we have received your enquiry form via the website, we will contact you within 24 hours and ask you to fill in a short questionnaire to give us as much detail as possible about your condition so that we can estimate the time required and an approximate cost. We will ask you then to send us a recent panoramic X-ray by post mail or e-mail. Your dentist in the UK can provide this X-ray.



Step 2

Our medical staff evaluates your profile and diagnoses the dental treatment specially suited to your personal dental care needs. We will then send you a detailed dental care plan, the estimated costs and also detailing how many visits you will need and for how long. For example for implants the first visit is generally for between 5 and 7 days, and a second visit two months later for between 10 and 15 days. If you wish to have your implants inmediaty we can carry this our for you but we will need to examine you to see if this is preferable. Naturally we cannot assess fully your needs until we have had the opportunity to see you.



Step 3

A member of our team will be assigned to your dental care programme : they will be in responsible for your whole treatment plan, dental care and aftercare.



Step 4

You give us a list of your availability and preferred dates and we will arrange the appointments for your dental care.



Step 5

Once these dates have been confirmed you are free to make your own travel arrangements or if you prefer we can arrange your accommodation and car hire for you. If you prefer not to hire a car we can arrange to pick you up from the airport. We do not generally book your flights as we have found clients prefer to do these themselves as you may be able to arrange cheaper flights at a more suitable time for you.



Step 6

For your first visit to our clinic, we will meet you at your chosen accommodation and take you there. Your first consultation is free and at the end of the examination, the dentist will provide you with detailed costs of the recommended treatment and options and you can then decide if you wish to proceed or not.



Step 7

After your treatment is completed we shall give you written detailed aftercare instructions and we shall remain in contact with you to track your progress and to answer any questions you may have.



Centro Odontológico Orquín

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