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We are a company dedicated to providing the best and most advanced treatments in dentistry. In Orquín Dental Center, opened since 2002, we have become a centre of excellence and are committed to continuous improvement.

We have great facilities; four dental offices, an X-ray room and dental laboratories. Add this to our Milling Center with its CAD / CAM systems, we are totally confident that we can resolve any problem you may have in your mouth:

Ours Products

Removable Prosthesis

Who said the dentures could not be aesthetic?. We have the materials and techniques appropriate for the prosthesis "disappear" in the patient's mouth. It is possible to customize the teeth and resins, to get the pitch of the natural tooth. And all at a price more affordable than you might think. Teeth with ceramic board can fully customize and get the proper aesthetic.

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Our complete dentures are free of the controversial and toxic monomer, and we use a high-impact material and injected charged art. This material is the famous BREDEN.

Flexible denture

The materials we use are the Transflex and Deflex, thermoplastic polyamides that are great advantages for the patient, such as biocompatibility, your comfort in the mouth and, above all, the greatest advantage, that are flexible and far more aesthetic than the traditional prosthesis.

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Nor does the aesthetic at odds with the skeleton. Using various techniques, we can hide unsightly hooks. The solution is to combine this structure with flexible nylon. Our Skeletal the computer design and then the rout by the CAD / CAM.

Skeletal Skeletal

Fixed not metal prosthesis

Zirconia and Alumina

An increasing requirement for patients in search of a perfect aesthetic that has caused the dental industry has introduced new materials (zirconia), helped with the CAD / CAM technology, revolutionizing the market. The Dental Center Orquín have our own Integral Milling Center CES associated with the group. We use the most advanced CAD software designed for dental 3Shape, combined with our own mill to offer the patient the best cosmetic outcome.

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Crowns fully porcelain

Meet agreed deadlines is essential today, we offer the milling of crowns from ceramic blocks (Vita-Block). These blocks give us the possibility of milling a porcelain crown or a provisional acrylic in twelve hours long, getting a perfect anatomic modeling.

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Prosthesics on implants

This is the era of implant dentistry. If a tooth has lost one of the best ways to replenish it by osseointegrated dental implants. With our CAD / CAM technology, we can design any type of prosthesis of Zirconium on any type of implant. Podemos hacer desde coronas hasta puentes de catorce piezas. We can make from crowns to bridges of fourteen pieces. The future will the disappearance of metal crowns.

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